Bell clappers are what make a bronze bell vibrate with all its richness of sound. In keeping with tradition, our clappers are made of cast iron. They are hung within the bell by means of the appropriate fasteners made of solid metal fittings and leather.

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Tradition and respect for the state of the art dictate that bell yokes normally be made of treated hardwood. Our own basic model is well known across the market even though other individual designs for basic yokes are also available. This will depend on factors of a structural or technical nature or then for reasons pertaining to the richness of sound. Specially designed yokes are naturally available for historic bells. In specific cases, we produce metallic yokes, either forged or of galvanized steel construction, in order to suit the situation.

These structures are generally constructed in solid oak wood and installed within the bell chamber. Our highly skilled workers must respect all the traditional norms which govern the transmission of ringing frequencies to the walls of the whole bell tower.
There are also cases where swinging bells are hung directly upon ledges or in bell tower windows as often witnessed in the southern European countries. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Southern France are good examples.

Although it is still possible to find bells rung by rope, here and there, the vast majority of church bells have been equipped over the last hundred years with electrical ringing devices. Much of this equipment is still in use today. We frequently recommend that these same ringers be equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic processor that will enable it to launch the bell with a soft start and continue to the maximum preset swing angle to achieve the desired number of clapper strikes per minute.
In certain situations, where lack of space for the traditional ringing apparatus (including the ringing wheel, motor base and chain) is a problem, we also install the linear technique bell ringer which is an alternative drive system. The gentle movement of the bell in full swing will guarantee full satisfaction in terms of sound quality. This is the ideal solution.

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Bell strikers are an integral part of our production programme. The traditional striker is pulled by a rope mechanism which is released by a swivel rotating motor. This renders an optimal sound effect without impairing the bell itself. Other types of strikers are available in accordance with particular bell installations.

Our group of partners (the so-called Artisans Techniciens Campanaires) specializes in the repair, restoration, maintenance and automation of traditional tower clock mechanisms which one finds in all types of commercial buildings, churches and cathedrals across the land as well as in foreign markets.

Our team of experts offers and installs all across the market, top quality electronic bell automation technology created and produced by the Italian firm of BELLTRON, reputed for its simplicity of operation and superior technical performance.

All of our electrical installations relating to bell technology, whether they are conventional equipment or electronic systems, are in strict conformity with all existing norms and regulations.